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Chancellor Alistair Darling has presented his first Pre-Budget Report to the House of Commons.

He received a lively reception upon delivering his statement, with opposing political parties quick to express their objections to the Chancellor’s proposals.

Mr Darling acknowledged the turbulence of the global economy, although he emphasised that Britain could recover from the recent credit crisis.

The Chancellor outlined measures to simplify the business tax regime and put forward proposals to grant local authorities the power to impose supplementary business rates. The capital gains tax system will be subject to review and current 'loopholes' for non-domiciled taxpayers will also be examined.

Darling also unveiled plans to increase the inheritance tax threshold to £600,000 for married couples, civil partners, widows and widowers, a proposal that sparked fierce opposition from Shadow Chancellor George Osbourne.

Other significant announcements include increased investment in health, education, transport, and security and defence.  A new aviation tax will also be introduced from 2009, which will tax individual flights rather than passengers.

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‘We are determined to hold firm to our economic framework that has proved resilient over the past ten years, and which we can be confident will do so now and in the future’ – Alistair Darling, delivering his first Pre-Budget Report speech as Chancellor of the Exchequer

‘We have a new Chancellor but the same old story with regard to the public finances – greater borrowing in the short-term and tax revenue projections which yet again look too optimistic’ – Miles Templeman, Director General of the Institute of Directors, commenting on Darling’s Pre-Budget statement


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