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With cash flow difficulties placing small businesses under increasing strain, the issue of late payment has been brought to the forefront of public consciousness in recent weeks. This month the Government took steps to address the problem, launching a 'Prompt Payment Code' to encourage large organisations to pay small firms on time.

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Self assessment reminder …

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Prompt payment code is launched

The Government has launched a new code of practice aimed at increasing the speed of payments to small businesses.

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson introduced the code at a prompt payment summit attended by some of the UK's top companies, including Asda, British Gas and the John Lewis Partnership.

The Code of Conduct, which was developed in partnership with the Institute of Credit Management, focuses on three main areas: a commitment to pay suppliers on time; to give clear guidance to suppliers; and to encourage good practice.

Lord Mandelson urged businesses to sign up to the code, stating it would be essential in helping 'smaller firms maintain cash flow in the months ahead.'

The summit follows a commitment by the Government to pay its suppliers within 10 days.

Meanwhile business groups have hailed the launch of the new code. Alexander Ehmann, Head of Parliamentary and Regulatory Affairs at the Institute of Directors said: 'The Institute genuinely applauds the Government's actions on late payment and strongly supports the new Prompt Payment Code.'

'Businesses now need to pick up the baton and ensure that the principles of fairness, timeliness and clarity are applied to their own contractual relationships with smaller suppliers.'

The Federation of Small Businesses, which had expressed concerns over the impact of late payment on small and medium-sized enterprises, described the initiative as 'a step in the right direction.'

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Guiding you through the credit crunch …

Sound planning is always important, but in a recession it is more critical than ever to stay on top of your business and personal finances. As 2008 draws to a close, now is the ideal time to step back from the minutiae and review your position.

As your accountants, there are many ways in which we can help minimise your personal tax burden, and also assist your business to remain profitable and successful. But you should take action now to ensure that you are making the most of the opportunities available to you.

We can help you to protect your personal wealth…

We can help you to minimise your tax bill, and consider such things as the needs of your family; your retirement strategy; savings and investments and your estate plans.

We can help you to:

  • make the most of personal allowances
  • extract profit from your business
  • save money tax-efficiently
  • review your pension arrangements
  • reduce the inheritance tax on your estate.

…and your business's bottom line

We can also help with your business finances and process, including:

  • minimising your business taxes
  • making the most of capital allowances
  • reducing company car costs
  • improving your financial position by accelerating expenditure into the current year, or deferring income into the next.

We can help guide you through these difficult times – for further information please contact us.


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